Human-Centric Support

Streem® empowers agents to create memorable touchpoints by offering interactive video through any channel when it is critical to see the situation. 


Super-Charged Service

Streem's contact center solution blends seamlessly with existing channel strategies and boosts your agents' ability to delight your customers.

Streem video assistance is fast, secure, and requires no customization to integrate with CRM systems, asynchronous or real-time channels.




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Effective Real-Time Troubleshooting

Streem strengthens your efforts to deliver human support that focuses on the most complex use cases.

Agents meet customers through their mobile web browser and see what they are troubleshooting— obtaining the visual context needed for higher first-call resolutions.



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Simplified Warranty Workflows

Streem optimizes existing processes and workflows with enriched spatial data without inconveniencing your customers.

Agents using StreemCore® interactive video capture and share critical photos and OCR details with teams instantly; shortening cycle times and reducing customer callbacks.

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See why customers love Streem® video.


This simple enhancement shortened our calls and improved diagnostic success rate. We now send the right part the first time – rather than needing multiple calls and multiple parts to get it right. Our customers love it.

Remote AR video tools have enabled British Gas to resiliently support our customers during these challenging times—we continue to scale up & grow thanks to Streem.

We launched Lowe's4Pros JobSIGHT™ in partnership with Streem. This is just another example of how we’re innovating to leap-frog our competition.

Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

Virtual support programs boost CSAT scores to 90+

Business Resilience
Business Resilience

Virtual tools double agent capacity

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Why CX Brands Choose AR Video


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See how the Streem platform revolutionizes customer experience operations by increasing first-call resolution, decreasing handle times, and significantly improving CSAT scores.