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We're on a mission to make the world's expertise accessible to everyone. Join us as we teach the world to communicate with augmented reality.

Learn How Interactive Video can Amplify Your Connected Experience

Customer-centric leaders like you should incorporate AR-powered interactive ...

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 In part-two of our series, we’ll share how Housecall Pro leverages deep ...

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Three Ways to Inspire Others to Use Your Innovative Products

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Streem for Field & Home Services

See how teams are making simple changes
and seeing dramatic results.


There's a revolution happening in field service.

StreemCore™ interactive video enables organizations to turn manual field services tasks into digitized, streamlined workflows while realizing new business opportunities with a secure option that safely meets their customers where they are.

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Improve CSAT Score to 92+

Virtual Assessment programs received wide praise from call center agents and homeowners.

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Boost Close Rate to 82%

On all visual walkthrough bids utilizing the StreemCore™ platform.


Increase Agent Capacity 2x

By rebuilding the on-site assessment and assurance process with virtual tools.


A Changing Landscape

Around the world field services teams have had to change the way they conduct business in the face of a pandemic. Companies were forced to find safer methods to provide uninterrupted services to customers while minimizing on-site visits. 

Customer-first organizations quickly turned to remote interactive video as the solution and received nearly instant results:

  • Significantly reduced travel time and operational costs
  • Increased daily quoting capacity
  • Ability to offer value-added services to their existing customers
  • Eliminated escalation requests.  

From on-demand virtual energy advising to EV site inspections, to quality assurance; the Streem platform helps us deliver more choice, convenience, and control to utility customers—and has been a revenue driver across our business.


Optimize Operations
Optimize Operations

Virtual Assessments Grow Field Service Business During a Pandemic

Produce Remote Quotes
Produce Remote Quotes

Double B2B Sales Capacity with Remote Video Quotes

Calculate ROI
Calculate ROI

Calculate the Impact of Remote Video Quotes


Why Streem for your business?

The Streem platform enables interactive video chat inside the tools you use everyday—helping your team support customers with a view that’s better than being there. With Streem, you can...

  • Respond to business challenges
    Offer safer, virtual visits and build resiliency into your organization
  • Expand into new markets
    Leverage virtual estimates and contractor networks to grow into new geographic markets
  • Conduct more efficient installations
    Remotely measure and record project details so installs go right the first time
See all of the benefits of Streem

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