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Streem Video for Field & Home Services

See how teams are making simple changes and seeing dramatic results with visual remote assistance.


There's a revolution happening in remote field service.

StreemCore™ remote visual assistance accelerates delivery of core business goals, partnering to easily integrate interactive video into existing processes and train technical field support on familiar, digital workflows.

Remote Field Service

Improve CSAT Score to 92+

Remote visual assistance programs received wide praise from call center agents and homeowners.

Benefits of Visual Remote Assistance

Boost Close Rate to 82%

On all visual walkthrough bids utilizing the StreemCore™ video platform.

Increase Remote Field Service Capacity

Increase Agent Capacity 2x

By rebuilding the on-site assessment and assurance process with visual remote assistance.


Diagnose with Precision

AR-powered visual remote assistance allows technicians to help customers faster by providing context to what the customer is experiencing and take action on captured data without being on the job site.

Remote service technicians and video assessments significantly reduce travel time and operational costs while still maintaining high levels of service.

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From on-demand virtual energy advising to EV site inspections, to quality assurance; the Streem platform helps us deliver more choice, convenience, and control to utility customers—and has been a revenue driver across our business.


Optimize Operations
Optimize Operations

Virtual Assessments Grow Field Service Business During a Pandemic

Produce Remote Quotes
Produce Remote Quotes

Double B2B Sales Capacity with Remote Video Quotes

What Disrupting a Traditional Business Really Looks Like
AHS Appliance Repair Study

See how American Home Shield can reduce site visits in up to 70% of cases with video diagnosis.


Field technician support for your business.

Streem optimizes the most complex and frustrating customer touchpoints allowing organizations to support without limits or assumptions, multiplying teams' expertise with valuable context.

Field technician support teams can leverage the Streem platform within existing tools across the entire customer experience to dispatch technicians remotely to job sites where evaluations or support is needed.

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