National Efficiency Program Doubles B2B Sales with StreemCore Video.


Discover how British Gas utilized StreemCore to


  • Increase quoting capacity by 200%
  • Reduce sales cycles by 78%
  • Lower customer energy emissions by 25%
  • Increase conversions to 50%
  • Reduce job loss

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A measurable impact.

Remote AR video tools have enabled British Gas to resiliently support our customers during these challenging times—we continue to scale up & grow thanks to Streem.

- Head of Digital Transformation

Blg - Field Services Pro Desktop Video Call Blg - Field Services Pro Desktop Video Call

The power of remote video appointments.

With a small professional estimating team to cover a national sales area, British Gas customers faced long wait times and multiple on-site visits. By using remote video appointments for B2B estimates, British Gas reduced expenses and boosted quoting capacity. 

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