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We're on a mission to make the world's expertise accessible to everyone. Join us as we teach the world to communicate with augmented reality.

AR Minute with Dr. Flora Tasse - How Spatial Maps Enable Smartphone AR

Welcome to The AR Minute! At Streem®, we build cutting edge experiences and ...

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Edit Serial & Model Numbers in the Streem Call Details

Remote experts can view, scan, and record product details automatically with ...

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Learn How AR Powered Video Helps Field Technicians Work More Effectively

A black hole still exists for most companies when it comes to recording the ...

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Double B2B Sales Capacity with Remote Video Quotes


Expand Service Capacity

With a small crew of professional estimators covering a national sales area, British Gas customers could wait nearly a week to receive a commercial boiler quote which resulted lengthy sales cycles. Additionally, multiple on-site visits and lengthy travel time were having a negative impact on their bottom line. 

Learn how British Gas was able to expand service capacity, reduce sales cycles by 85%, and power efficiency goals using Streem’s interactive video for remote business estimates.


Scalable Business Impact

Increase quoting capacity

Increase quoting capacity

Reduce opportunity costs

Reduce opportunity costs

British Gas Icons-07

Cut sales time cycles

Get the Case Study

Read how a UK national service provider doubled B2B quoting capacity, reduced sales cycles, and started delivering same-day estimates with Streem interactive video.