Virtual onsite inspections

Skip the visit

Enhance productivity and streem-line your operations with remote video support for virtual estimates. Eliminate the need for time-consuming or resource-intensive procedures to unlock a whole new efficiency level in your quoting or pre-assessment processes.

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Better than being there

Maximize your
team’s impact

Get rid of the hassle of onsite visits with Streem's reliable and secure video solution. Our advanced technology allows you to conduct inspections remotely, evaluate pre-assessment spacing and equipment, track project progress, and more.

Unlock a new level of efficiency

Common use cases

EV-charger pre-install inspections
Your experts can see and capture photos of the house and its electrical systems in real-time without needing a physical inspection.
Moving/cleaning estimates

Increase efficiency and cost savings while providing unparalleled convenience to your customers. 

Utilities  Energy repair
Utilities pre-install evaluations
Technicians can inspect from anywhere without incurring travel costs, reducing the overall cost of the installation.
Repair service assessments

Efficiently evaluate and estimate maintenance or repair problems in homes, facilities, or vehicles, eliminating the need for sending an onsite technician.

Video, but better


Intuitive, no-download app setup

Collaborate remotely to improve your CX

Quickly point, annotate, and record onsite details to capture environment, equipment, and model numbers, and key insights from live video calls.

Cloud data

Store & share secure data

Capture relevant data stored in one easy-to-access dashboard safely protected with secure hosted cloud storage.

Reduce costs & carbon footprint

Increase your team’s capacity

Reduced onsite visits lead to lower travel costs and more efficient allocation of resources for companies. Companies can allocate their resources more strategically, resulting in cost savings.
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Real-world experience

Efficient quoting and pre-assessment use Streem

Learn more about how Streem can enable real-time collaboration between your team and customers, eliminating the need for physical inspections.