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We're on a mission to make the world's expertise accessible to everyone. Join us as we teach the world to communicate with augmented reality.

AR Minute with Dr. Flora Tasse - How Spatial Maps Enable Smartphone AR

Welcome to The AR Minute! At Streem®, we build cutting edge experiences and ...

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Edit Serial & Model Numbers in the Streem Call Details

Remote experts can view, scan, and record product details automatically with ...

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Learn How AR Powered Video Helps Field Technicians Work More Effectively

A black hole still exists for most companies when it comes to recording the ...

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Inside Sales

Streem enables organizations to sell with confidence by ensuring each customer interaction is transparent, measurable, and actionable.

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Virtual Estimates

Amplify territories and empower sales teams to sell confidently by seeing what their prospect sees with AR-powered interactive video.

StreemcoreTM captures the valuable context needed to move deals through the sales cycle faster.

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Close the gap between language and space

Streem removes language and educational barriers commonly experienced when engaging with customers and prospects on complex topics.

By seeing and guiding prospects in their space, teams can easily assess the next best steps without exact terminology that may be unfamiliar.


Sales agent using Streem video on desktop

Get smarter with every engagement

Sales teams can access Streem within their existing CRM and workflows in a consumer-friendly experience. 

Organizations can leverage Streem's AI-powered spatial recognition technology can to gain insights into how customers are using products in their environment.


Quickly add interactive video to your CX workflows.


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See how fast, secure video is transforming sales teams.