Field service

Get the job done faster

See and resolve issues with speed and accuracy. StreemCore® live video empowers technicians to anticipate, react, and deliver the right parts and services for each unique job.

An expert checks the notes in the Streem call log and records a serial number
An expert checks the notes in the Streem call log and records a serial number
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Scale with confidence

Efficient technicians use Streem Video

Innovative teams are delivering exceptional service while saving time and money with StreemCore Video.

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Better than being there

Maximize your
team’s impact

Reduce repeat site visits with Streem’s secure video solution for remote inspection, parts identification, problem resolution, and more.

Collaborate remotely

Connect supervisors, site technicians, and experts remotely with live project sharing.

Provide fast, effective support

Built-in tools overlay visual guidance on live video to remotely assess, inspect, and assist.

Increase your team’s capacity

Take on more jobs in less time by increasing accuracy, efficiency, and context.
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A seamless toolkit

Streem® is your eyes and ears in the field

Take video communication to the next level with effortless AR annotation tools, text recognition, and secure data
capture - no download needed.

Improve core KPIs

Benefits for service teams

Get the right part the first time
No need to guess. Record model and serial numbers with built-in StreemVision® AI.
Reduce truck rolls and save money
Cut your gas bill with remote qualification, troubleshooting, and secure data sharing.
Reduce technician training time
Support technicians with remote guidance tools and video recordings for reference.
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Increase customer satisfaction
Skip the back-and-forth. See exactly what your technicians and clients see in real time.
Share a Streem call from the call log for easy record and reference
Intuitive, no-download setup

Video, but better

Be everywhere, without leaving the office. Meet your teams at their jobsites, capture project details, and record key data without spending a moment in traffic.


Interactive video

Point, annotate, and record job details, model numbers, and key insights from live video calls.

Cloud data

Secure data

Capture relevant data stored in one easy-to-access dashboard safely protected with secure hosted cloud storage.

Innovate and grow

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