StreemCore platform

StreemCore® live video platform

StreemCore provides visual context that helps you nurture powerful relationships.

Taylor with Company Inc. has invited you to a Streem Call.
Taylor with Company Inc. has invited you to a Streem Call.


Communicate with your customers on their terms. Start a call on the channel and device of their choice. It’s as simple as sending a link.


Save time and eliminate field-specific language barriers. With AR tools and StreemShot® photos in live video, you can see what your customer sees and capture the details you need faster than ever.


Unleash the power of your teams with secured data sharing – taking your expert and customer communications to the next level.

Start effortlessly

It’s video, but better

StreemCore is designed with your business in mind. With AR tools, machine learning, and StreemVision® AI layered over a live video call, you get the tools you need built right in. Launch quickly with no extra effort.

StreemShot of an oven in a Streem call
Streem call log featuring team call history
Customer view of a Streem call of the back of a TV on their iPhone
Expert side Streem call, viewing the customer's TV.
Customer and expert views of a Streem call.
Circling cords with the marker tool in a Streem call.


Marker / Laser Pointer

Circle, underline, and direct attention with the built-in marker and laser pointer tools.
Streemshot of a customer's living room


StreemShot Photos

Collect the details you see — and the ones you don’t — with StreemShot photos stored in the call log.
GPS location in downtown Portland, Oregon



Maximize trust by allowing customers to control when they share their location.
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Enterprise level innovation

Leading brands use Streem®

“This simple enhancement shortened our calls and improved diagnostic success rate. We now send the right part the first time – rather than needing multiple calls and multiple parts to get it right. Our customers love it.”

— Corey L. Savory–Venzke
VP, Customer Experience & Service, Traeger Grills

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A comprehensive customer view

Actionable insights

Next level experiences are a Streem® call away. With comprehensive project details – all stored in the Call Details page – teams can easily access, share, and align with deeper customer and data insights.

Why Streem

Supercharge your workflows

Streem quickly connects to your CRM or customer contact tool, adding interactive video to your existing workflows. Or, maximize your customization with Streem® SDKS, API, and custom integration options.
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Security and compliance

We take security seriously

Our tools are built with the highest standards in CCPA, GDPR, and more, with a firm commitment to supporting your success in compliance.

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