See & Solve Remotely

StreemCore® - remote visual assistance

The power of video with out-of-the-box augmented reality (AR) capabilities allow you to see what your customers see - accelerating diagnosis and support resolution times.

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Taylor with Company Inc. has invited you to a Streem Call.


Communicate with your customers on their terms. Start a video call on any channel or device by simply sending a link - no account creation or app download required.


Accelerate diagnosis to save time and eliminate jargon or language barriers. See what your customer sees - to eliminate lengthy explanations and misunderstandings.


Unleash the power of your team with secure data sharing capture key details (part and model numbers) for easy sharing with other team members or for further follow-up.

Start effortlessly

It’s video, but better

StreemCore is designed with your business in mind. Utilize built-in tools to circle, underline, capture, and annotate the details from your Streem call. Then store those details in the call log for future reference.

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Customer and expert views of a Streem call.

StreemCore Tools

Explore the power of remote video support

No download

Uses mobile device & browser

You can instantly connect with your customer through their mobile browser. No need for them to install an app or create an account.

Annotation tools

Built-in marker & laser pointer

AR-enabled tools guide customers - circle, underline, and direct attention with the built-in marker and laser pointer tools.

Text recognition

Eliminate miscommunication

Record any model or serial number with a StreemShot® photo and built-in StreemVision® AI.

Capture context

GPS location & high-res photos

GPS location, high-resolution photos, videos, and all customer data are captured in one easy-to-access place. Secure and efficient cloud storage gives your team easy access to call recordings, captured data, and more.

Call dashboard

Share multimedia-rich details

Easily recall and find key project details with timestamps and bookmark tools. Share the full story: include a link to a multimedia-rich post-call report in tickets, work orders, and communications.

Embed or Integrate

Quickly fits your workflows

Streem quickly connects to your CRM or customer contact tool, adding interactive video to your existing workflows. Maximize your customization with Streem® SDKs, API, and custom integration options.

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Hear from our customers

Your eyes in the field

Easy to use

Reduce truck rolls


Streem-line your workflows

Streem quickly connects to your CRM or customer contact tool, adding interactive video to your existing workflows. Or, maximize your customization with Streem® SDKS, API, and custom integration options.

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Security and compliance

We take security seriously

Our tools are built with the highest standards in CCPA, GDPR, and more, with a firm commitment to supporting your success in compliance.

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See what your customers see - accelerate diagnosis and support resolution times.