Sales without limits

Context is confidence

Sell with confidence by ensuring each customer interaction is transparent, measurable, and actionable. Eliminate assumptions and empower teams to multiply their expertise with valuable visual context.

A sales rep Streems with a customer to discuss their kitchen
A sales rep Streems with a customer to discuss their kitchen
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Land & expand

Live by the numbers

Account teams are doubling sales capacity with remote video quotes and data for better visibility and insights.

A sales rep has a Streem call with a customer about their smart refrigerator A sales rep has a Streem call with a customer about their smart refrigerator
Better than being there

Maximize customer convenience

Meet your customers any time, anywhere, on any device. Capture and activate insights that lower customer effort at any stage of their journey.

Build connections

Cultivate deeper relationships through fast delivery of consistent, personalized experiences, driving higher conversions at lower costs.

Engage remotely

Capture the same sales qualification information remotely. Provide expert consultations with remote visual context - no customer download needed.

Boost touchpoints

Accelerate deal cycles by making it easy to see what prospects and customers see in real time. Capture data automatically for better visibility and insights.
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A seamless toolkit

Meet face-to-face

Deliver remote experiences with an in-person feel and the convenience of real-time digital communication. See your customer and their space with a two-way video consultation.

Improve core KPIs

Benefits for sales teams

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Increase quoting capacity
Power efficiency goals and create time for more business and bigger deals by meeting your customers remotely, in real time.
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Shorten sales cycles
Reduce time in between customer touch points, speed up conversion rates, and capture data automatically for future insights.
Reduce opportunity costs
Eliminate options and alternatives that end in sales lost. Remote consultations allow teams to take on more deals with no added effort.
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Reduce team
Increase sales manager satisfaction with tools that are easy to use, fit into existing workflows, and help them meet their goals faster.
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Intuitive, no-download setup

A flexible fit

Fit StreemCore® into existing workflows and business process for a seamless omnichannel experience.


Start fast

Get started with StreemCore, our out-of-the-box solution. Point, annotate, and record sales consultation details, model numbers, and key insights with live video calls.

Cloud data

Secure data

Caputure relevant data stored in one easy-to-access dashboard, safely protected with secure hosted cloud storage.

Powered by Streem®

A scalable system

Start with StreemCore and evolve your branded experience with Streem API and SDK.

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Security and compliance

We take security seriously

Our tools are built with the highest standards in CCPA, GDPR, and more, with a firm commitment to supporting your success in compliance.