Meet policyholders in their time of need

Insurance adjusters can meet policyholders virtually when a loss occurs — to see the damage and connect data back to teams and systems.

Why Streem

Simple solutions, big returns

Remote Underwriting
  • Improve profitability and mitigate risk with the help of intelligent data.
  • ​Increase your quote rate with augmented reality (AR)-enabled video experiences.
  • Improve claims loss prediction by remotely identifying high-value items with precision.
Remote Claims
  • Increase policyholder satisfaction by shortening your claims cycle.
  • Reduce field adjuster costs per claim with actionable remote data capture.
  • Auto-detect and record asset details with cutting-edge OCR text recognition for serial and parts numbers.
EV2-Insurance EV2-Insurance
Remote visual assistance

Reduce costs

StreemCore® interactive video tools are designed for easy adoption by adjusters and policyholders — making claims documentation a simple one-step process.

Because StreemCore allows for accurate remote data capture, a site visit can be avoided in a majority of calls.

More use cases

Accelerate your support diagnosis and resolution times

Our remote video calling platform lets experts meet customers where they are, through the devices they already own. Connected data leads to enhanced customer experiences at every touch point. 

Customer Support

Delight customers

Evolve your business to meet your customers’ ever-expanding expectations.

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Field Service

Connect to experts 

See and resolve issues with speed and accuracy.

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Sales / Retail

Sell with confidence

Ensure each customer interaction is transparent, measurable, and actionable.

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