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Case Study: American Home Shield® Video Diagnosis

How Streem® video helped AHS eliminate additional site visits in up to 70% of appliance calls. Customers love it!



The Problem

It’s hard to get the full picture of appliance repair projects over the phone. For American Home Shield® errors or lack of information in work orders could cost teams expensive additional site visits and strain customer relationships.

The Opportunity

Using interactive video calls as the first step in appliance repair, allowed American Home Shield contractors to better service customers with faster response times and quicker resolutions.

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Our customers are happier with our improved turnaround time. The technicians are happier with the extra diagnostic information when they get to the home. We are reducing about 75% of truck rolls as a first stop which is greatly increasing our productivity. Overall we are very happy with the results we have gotten from using Streem in our business.


Resolved 70% of Video Calls in One (or No) Site Visit

  • Clearly seeing the appliance issue helps technicians order replacement parts before the site visit, eliminating repeat home visits on up to 70% of calls
  • Early video diagnosis helps schedule the right techs for the job and sequence work for faster completions
  • Resolve up to 10% of video calls without any site visits—identify out of scope work or guide customers through remote DIY troubleshooting

Outcomes of Video Diagnosis

Responded 40% Faster to Customer Calls

  • Using Streem helped contractors schedule initial appointments 40% sooner. 
  • When used for same-day call-backs, 67% of virtual diagnoses were completed in the first day.
  • Real-time connections mean no more waiting on long call windows.
  • Repair teams using Streem reduced wait times by an average of 3 hours.
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Video Diagnosis Helps Teams Do More

Using Streem video with customers boosted one team's diagnostic productivity up to 20%—similar to adding a full day's work.


About the AHS Case Study

40 AHS contractor teams completed over 3,000 virtual diagnosis Streem calls between November 2020, and March 2021.


Participating teams ranged from 1-12 person shops, averaging between 27-250 weekly AHS dispatches.

The data shown here is based on a short online survey for contractors at the end of each Streem video diagnosis call.


Get the Case Study

Download the AHS Case Study today. 


We have been using Streem with American Home Shield for about 6 months now. Streem video diagnosis has definitely helped our business in reducing visits to the home. It greatly improves how fast the technician can look at and diagnose the appliance problem and get parts ordered more quickly.


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