The Rise of Video in the Contact Center

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Building a Business Case for Video-Enabled Service


This new white paper highlights the importance of customer experience in today's competitive business environment and how video chat can be used to provide immersive experiences.

For most brands, delivering a phenomenal experience starts with optimizing the contact center. Today’s contact centers need to be filled with knowledgeable, empathetic staff members capable of supporting consumers with a host of different tasks and challenges. As consumer expectations evolve, the channels they expect companies to serve them on are evolving too. 

In this white paper, you'll learn:

  • How remote video has the power to enhance virtually every aspect of the CX
  • Use cases for remote video in the contact center
  • The impact remote video has on CX
  • Calculating the ROI of video in the contact center
  • The evolution of video in contact centers

Forward-Thinking-1ROI calculator (Download)

Remote estimates can turn a time-consuming task into a revenue-generating workflow—Do the math and see your ROI with our easy-to-use calculator! 

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