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Calculate the Value of Remote Video Support for Your Work

Interactive video calls can turn time consuming site-visits into revenue ...

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How to Adopt a Remote-First Mindset as an Enterprise Consumer Brand

At its base, “remote-first” is an organizational strategy that empowers ...

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How Partnering With Streem Can Help Fix Your CX Process

When Corey Savory-Venzke joined Traeger Wood Fired Grills® as the VP of ...

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Expert using Streem video on their laptop and iPhone for remote customer support

Customer-First Approach Transforms Support Operations

CX Case Study

Feel the Power of Remote In-Home

Enterprise organizations know that the success of their business is inherently intertwined with the success of their customers. Traeger Wood Fired Grills® was operating in silos with outdated support infrastructure. Their “finger in the dam” approach was not providing their customers with the level of service they deserved and it  was affecting their bottom line.

Learn how Traeger adopted an omnichannel approach and reimagined their entire CX strategy to deliver on the full brand promise of their best-in-class products in less than a year. 



Better customer service reduces call handle times.


Agile service model cuts warranty budget spend by 51%


Holistic approach boosts all KPIs by 30%

Get the Case Study

Download the case study to see how adopting an omni-channel CX strategy can improve your customer satisfaction, decrease support call times, & make a major impact your bottom line.