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Forward-Thinking-1 THE INTUITIVE CUSTOMER podcast was recorded on October 8, 2022, in partnership with Streem

Show Notes:

In this episode, we talk with special guest Jóhann Hannesson, Lead Product Manager and the head of Web Development at Streem, about using video in a Customer Experience. Hannesson says that video could be the missing link between your customer who has a problem and the expert they are talking to in the contact center who, through video, can help them faster.

Key Ideas to Improve your Customer Experience So, why do humans prefer video in these situations? There are two answers. First, there is a level of information exchange that words do not always have. You are not always depending on a customer that is not necessarily an expert in communicating the problem with terms concisely and accurately with the contact center. Second, it facilitates communication by allowing people to talk and look at the problem together. Video allows the customers and contact centers to work together on the situation.

Here are a few other critical moments in the discussion:

  • 01:55 We introduce our guest host, Jóhann Hannesson, Lead Product Manager and the head of Web Development at Streem.
  • 05:55 Hannesson explains how interactions with a contact center have friction when they rely on non-expert customers to communicate with expert contact center employees and how video can help resolve them in practical ways.
  • 15:21 We learn that not only does video make calls easier for the customers, but they also improve the employee experience, too.
  • 22:00 Hannesson explains how video has improved customer contacts and helped resolve issues more efficiently.
  • 25:07 Hannesson shares a specific case study that used video to reduce repeat home visits.
  • 29:22 We all share our practical advice about how to use video to improve the metrics that matter most to your organization (and that none of us are footballers, in case you were wondering).

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