Improve ROI by Integrating Visual Assistance (1)

Forward-Thinking-1Learn how AR-powered video can save you time and money


Improve efficiencies, accuracy, and customer interactions with the power of visual assistance. Arm your CX teams with AR-powered visual assistance tools to increase ROI, customer & employee satisfaction, and other key KPIs. Meet your customers anytime, anywhere and on any device. See what your customer sees and solve with empathy and efficiency. Connect project details and deeper data insights to better understand your customer, teams, and product.

Seth Earley, CEO & Founder at Earley Information Science and author of "The AI Powered Enterprise" along with Jóhann Hannesson of Streem highlight how integrating visual assistance can make your work easy, including:

  • What is Visual assistance + AR tools and how it is increasing efficiencies, improving customer and employee satisfaction, and ultimately leading to positive ROI and KPIs
  • Why and how customer interactions are evolving (digital transformation, human vs bot interaction, conversational service, white-glove support at scale)
  • Visual assistance use cases & Streem customer success as proof points

CMS Wire live webinar recorded October 6th, 2022


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