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We're on a mission to make the world's expertise accessible to everyone. Join us as we teach the world to communicate with augmented reality.

Lowe's Unveils Vision for Spatial Commerce with Measure Your Space, Powered by Streem

As part of its mission to “build the future of home improvement,” Lowe’s shared ...

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AR in Business: Benefits and Strategic Advantages

Augmented reality (AR) is transforming how we interact with the physical world. ...

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Align Your Cross-functional Project Team to Meet Stakeholders’ Expectations

The next step in this CX workbook helps you break-down departmental silos by ...

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Why Leading CX Brands Choose AR-Powered Video

AR-powered video works seamlessly with your existing channels and amplifies your team's ability to deliver exceptional touchpoints across CX.

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McKinsey & Company - The formula for executing customer experience transformation includes:

Clearly defined goals

An Agile approach

Thoughtful capability deployment

Why AR Video Infographic - build aspiration and purpose, enable the transformation, and transform the business

Great CX feels effortless.

A brand's channel strategy is as unique and diverse as their customers are. In fact, 67% of leaders are shifting to self-service channel strategy.



Improving customer experience (CX) at scale requires change and growth.

Streem offers the easiest consumer experience for enterprise AR-video. 

Easy to get started

Streemcore™ AR-powered video is a cloud based solution requiring no app download or IT experts to see impressive results. 

Customer-first approach

Our teams are dedicated to delivering customer-first technologies and experiences. 

Tried and true technology

We’ve got the cutting-edge mindset of a startup with the experience of our 50-year-old family of home service brands.


Streem, LLC is an affiliate of Frontdoor, Inc.


Expert CX is on the rise!

"Live, human touch-points work best when positioned as an expert experience building loyalty and positive relationships."

Source: Forrester Research

AR Infographic - Human Touch

Customers want fast, easy, and empathetic experiences.

53% of Americans now use video to chat with businesses regularly.

CX applications of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are on the rise in many industries and are expected to grow by $125bn over the next four years.

Source: CX Network


Meet customers on any channel

AR-video calls can fit into any channel strategy and amplify your ability to create human experiences that customers love

AR-video channel strategy

Effortless CX starts with context.

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When experts need to see the situation, no other channel has the impact of live, remote AR video.

Getting straight to the point with the right context and data helps increase customer satisfaction anywhere in your CX journey. 

Laptop CX Context

(Live) service should be treated like a precious resource and reserved for opportunities that significantly move the dial on outcomes that customers and the company care most about.


See the context that makes a difference

StreemCore video is the easiest experience in the market, giving CX leaders a channel agnostic tool that eliminates inefficiencies, increases agent satisfaction, and turns customers into loyal advocates.

AR - Context Makes a Difference.

See how CX teams win with StreemCore®



Traeger Grills has increased first call resolutions by 60%





CLEAResult increased their agents' daily capacity by 2x and decreased travel by 60%




British Gas doubled quoting capacity with virtual assessments




"Data-driven, predictive systems are the future of CX. Those who embrace connected data, AI, and ML now, will see a competitive advantage."

Why data-driven AR video

Why AR Video.

Unlock customer data today with Streem's patented AI/AR platform.

Provide your customers with easy, convenient experiences–no download necessary.

See and interact with your customers' spaces remotely using live AR visual context tools.

Capture, integrate, and share data points efficently across experts and customers.


Get a Custom AR Video Consultation

See where Streem fits into your channel strategy.