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Upgrade your app with the power of next-gen AR and AI. Add the Streem experience to your existing tools with our software development kits.

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AR tools for business

Apple highlights that Streem and other practical applications of AR can be "a powerful tool for enabling faster decision-making, reducing costs, and increasing customer engagement." Augmented-reality apps are solving real-world problems, creating new opportunities, and defining the future of customer experience.

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AR tools for business

Powered by Streem

Today's leading brands are innovating to boost revenue, define the future of retail, and build efficient and resilient new business models—Powered by Streem. Learn how you can create winning solutions with our ready-to-launch web app or create the project of your dreams with our software development kits (SDKs) and REST API.


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Create new opportunities

Create new opportunities and new business with AR apps that guide, support, and reach over 650 million iOS users with delightful customer experiences.


  • Quickly create white-glove support apps.
  • Expand your service area and increase productivity.
  • Scan and digitally clone remote environments using LiDAR technology.
  • Take precise measurements remotely through the power of AR.

We launched Lowe's4Pros JobSIGHT™ in partnership with Streem. This is just another example of how we’re innovating to leap-frog our competition.


Android SDK

Our fully remote solution

Our fully remote solution gives you quick access to Google's dynamic ARCore features for Android devices. Now available—contact us to learn more.


  • Take AR measurements remotely.
  • Drop persistent AR notes, markers, and instructions into a shared camera view.
  • Deliver innovative programs with proven tools and fast intuitive UI.
Augmented Reality Video SDKs

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We help your products into the future.

Today's innovation teams and customer-obsessed companies face unique challenges. It's harder than ever to cut through the noise and create engaging experiences that matter. We built these robust SDKs so you can build the app of your dreams — and if you need a hand we're here to help.


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