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We're on a mission to make the world's expertise accessible to everyone. Join us as we teach the world to communicate with augmented reality.

Calculate the Value of Remote Video Support for Your Work

Interactive video calls can turn time consuming site-visits into revenue ...

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Adopting a Remote-First Mindset is Critical for Enterprise Consumer Brands

In the wake of COVID-19, everyone had to find new ways to conduct business; ...

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How Partnering With Streem Can Help Fix Your CX Process

When Corey Savory-Venzke joined Traeger Wood Fired Grills® as the VP of ...

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Help Center

Customer relationships start with StreemCore​™ video.


Start today with fast, powerful web tools.

The Streem® platform enables real-time remote video collaboration inside the tools you use everyday—giving your team tools to support your customers with a view that’s better than being there.


Your eyes and ears in the field, StreemCore™ unlocks your best work from anywhere.

Interactive video does more, remotely.

With easy interactive tools and a clear view of any project, remote video helps you get to the point and get the job done right the first time, without the hassle of travel.

Catch every detail for later use.

A robust call-log and media gallery help you document project specs, customer requests, and key data seamlessly with the help the StreemVision™ intelligent camera.

Delightful results, no-downloads.

Customers love the experience of fast effective virtual support with StreemCore  calls and they value the security and control they have along the way.

A customer uses Streem remote video to show an expert her windowsill.

Move into the future with native AR apps.

Access powerful AR tools and data when you add iOS and Android apps to your stack.


Enhance the physical world with contextual 3D data.

Customer-first AR

Streem’s unique approach to AR centers around the customer, using spatial insights to respond with seamless, personalized service

Data-rich experiences

Streem mobile apps provide remote access to AR data, helping you scan, measure, and interact with customer spaces virtually.

Smarter AI solutions

StreemVision™ AI helps you learn from each customer connection; transforming traditional workflows into delightful experiences.

Contextual 3D modeling overlaying a kitchen on a phone screen.
An expert having a call with a customer using Streem technology.

Streem SDKs accelerate your AR development projects.

If you have a team and love to build, you can use our SDK’s and REST API to easily add Streem features in your site or app.

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Streem integration with Salesforce

Embed Streem video into your existing customer tools.

Streem makes calling from inside your existing CRM contact records and support cases easy, so your agents stay focused on customer success

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No-download Web Plans

Fast, easy-to-use StreemCore™ interactive video calls help you do your best work, remotely. Get results in minutes with our easy web tools. 

Great for teams from 5- 50.

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Enterprise Solutions

Give your team full access to the Streem platform with implementation support and a customer success plan for long term value.

  • Secure, scalable and easily integrated platform
  • Cross-functional CX developer kit
  • Interactive experience driven by AR/AI enriched insights
  • Implementation and customer success support
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