Power your CX with AR video

Interactive AR video empowers teams with the confidence and context to deliver experiences customers crave.

A Streem call between an agent and customer -


Impress your customers from day one. Streem is easy to integrate into your existing workflows, arming your teams with powerful pre-built tools.

Secure & Seamless

Designed for simplicity. Streem’s secure, intuitive AR platform instills confidence in both customers and employees.

Endlessly Scalable

Grow with Streem. An innovative partnership can help you create the platform built to evolve with your ever-changing needs.

Start effortlessly

Show, don’t tell

Sell, troubleshoot, and communicate with your customers wherever they are, on whatever device. Easy to learn and adopt, the Streemcore live video platform connects experts and customers resulting in an intuitive, delightful experience for everyone.

A customer support agent on a Streem call, flipping Jean's camera.
The Team Calls screen in the Streem Call Log
The customer's view of starting a Streem call
Streem measure being used to measure flooring
Streem video in action
Headcount 175, 251% growth Headcount 175, 251% growth
Enterprise level innovation

Scales when you do

The sky’s the limit. Start with our out-of-the box solution and expand into customizable experiences. With API, SDK and app integrations.

Increase customer satisfaction and insights with StreemCore Live Video Increase customer satisfaction and insights with StreemCore Live Video
Better than being there

A comprehensive customer view

Informed teams are empowered to create next-level customer experiences. Connect and align your business at every touchpoint with Streem captured data and insights.

Why Streem

Simple solutions, big returns

Streem quickly connects to any CRM or customer contact tool, adding interactive video to your CX workflows.

GDPR, CCPA, AICPA SOC certifications GDPR, CCPA, AICPA SOC certifications
Security and governance

Safety & privacy

At Streem we take your data and privacy seriously. We are committed to customer safety and compliance. Our tools are built to the highest standards Including GDPR, CCPA and the SOC security.

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